The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead

By Dominic Fisher

Dominic Fisher’s debut collection

This collection of poems explores ways the living and the dead meet – for lunch , in an artwork, on an allotment plot, in the city. We meet poets, artists and others engaged in the struggles and contradictions of their own times, and encounter challenges from our own.


Blue Nib Publishing
ISBN   978-1-9993655-2-3
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About Dominic

Born in Frome in Somerset, and growing up on a hill just south of Bath, I went to secondary school in Bristol, and wrote poems and climbed trees instead of playing football. After falling off my bike a lot I studied Keats and Coleridge, the blues and psychedelia, the repeal of the Corn Laws, and William Turner. Then Aberystwyth University unwisely let me in to study Art and English. For a time I lived on on the Dyfi estuary in a green railway carriage with a dog called Biggles. In an attempt at adulthood I trained to teach, though continued writing.

My first teaching job was in Turkey, in a munitions factory in Kirrikale then in Ankara. I left in 1980 just in time to miss a coup d’etat but catch an attempted one in Spain. While this was happening I met my wife, a New Zealander, in a small town near Barcelona. She reads my poems to this day. We moved to the Bristol area and between us produced a Bristolian who achieved adulthood more convincingly than I did. On our allotment (heavy clay, hard work but fertile) we see foxes, goldfinches in the summer, and sometimes a sparrowhawk. All these creatures get into the poems along with the leeks and beans.

I published poems in magazines in the 80s and 90s but it wasn’t until I left teaching that poetry got the attention it needed. In the last three years or so I’ve published in Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Magma, Brittle Star,  Raceme, South Bank Poetry, The Interpreter’s House, and Under the Radar and a poem has also been broadcast on BBC Radio 4. I was the winner of the international Bristol Poetry Prize 2018, and my collection The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead was published by The Blue Nib in March 2019.

Praise for Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead

"This is an outstanding collection of 53 poems by a writer with a distinct, compelling voice. Fisher is clearly fascinated by how opposites are really so close to each other: the living and the dead, work and play, the rural and the urban, the ordinary everyday and the complex."
Richard Keeble


Back to the beginning in Frome

This is Market Place in Frome. I was born a hundred yards or so behind the buildings to the left. Nearer the top and to the right, up Cork Street, is where I first went to school and learned to read and write. There are some plain names in Frome,

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31st January 2020

On this day the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. No doubt the internet will be awash with triumphalism from many of the approximately half the country who thought this might be a good idea. Maybe we’ll get to read the ironic good wishes to other nations on the special

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Return from Aberystwyth

It was a strange and wonderful evening at Aberystwyth Arts Centre Bookshop. Big thanks to Hannah and Andy at the bookshop for organising, to Pete John and Anne-Marie Sherwood for conceiving the occasion and helping to publicise it, and having me to stay, and to all who came including those

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Return to Aberystwyth

I briefly lived in a tent near where this picture was taken. I was, shall we say, between flats and my first and second year at university a long time ago. I never fell off the cliff coming back at night, and I knew the names of all the flowers.

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Dublin on Tuesday

In Dublin On Tuesday, at the Irish Writers Centre, 6.30 – 8.30, The Blue Nib are launching Anne Walsh Donnelly’s collection of short stories Demise of the Undertaker’s Wife, The Blue Nib Literary Magazine number 39, and my collection The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead. So if you’re in

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Rats bees and politics

Last week was about bees – and do come to this on Saturday and Sunday, when The Isambards will be leading poetry walks among the bees. This week however, we’ve got  rats. Yesterday we uncovered two types of infestation, one was local and personal when my elderly mother complained of

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Bees and seas

On Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st the IsamBards – Pameli Beham, Deborah Harvey, myself and David Johnson (in that order in the pic) –  will be leading poetry walks at Bristol University Botanic Garden, one at 11.00 another at 2.00. The theme is bees and pollination. If there really are

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Burning as we go

 ‘Pile everything that will burn into the stoke-hole: decks, masts, everything – including the lifeboats!’ So ordered Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne’s Round the World in 80 Days. Fogg was attempting to get round the globe and back to the Reform Club in eighty days for a £20,000 bet. And,

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The Wine Vaults & the Mandelstams Wed 31st

 On Wednesday 31st I’m reading in Bath, 7.30 at St James Wine Vaults (see also Facebook). The pub is just off Julian Road behind the Royal Crescent, as I know well having grown up in Bath, insofar as I ever did. My mother was born nearby and the youth club

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North south east west

  NORTH Look, it’s eight o’ clock to the north with the windows going blue. Listen, the wires and aerials are mostly silent. All the messages they carried are flashing in under the pavement now. See how all the vehicles are facing downhill due east, doubtless to get the first

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Events and links January to March

Get in touch via the contact page if you’d like me to read at your event or you would like a link to  your poetry event on this page too Coming up … Thurs 23rd Jan  – The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead – Aberystwyth launch, 6.30  Aberystwyth Arts

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