Botanical in May

There are two events coming up before the Bristol launch on May 24th – details of which soon. One is The Bucks’ Mills Festival on May 5th then on May 19th there are two poetry walks at Bristol University Botanic Gardens. Details of both here . And here’s a picture of the IsamBards at the second event – cunningly photographed in advance.

From left to right we have Pameli Benham, Deborah Harvey, me, and David Johnson, in the glasshouses contemplating enormous lily pads, which are prickly on the undersides. I thought I knew something about  plants until I started writing  for this event. I don’t know much about time travel either – but enough to say it will be a lovely day, so come along if you’re anywhere near Bristol in the middle of May.  Here’s a sneak preview, or maybe a flashback.

I don’t know much about botany

but I know what I saw
            frying pans floating on warm green water
tea-towels brooding up in the rafters
            vegetable pebbles and freckled necklaces
carnivorous jugs and deadly pipework
            nests of bananas that weren’t bananas
flowers that were ghosts with no leaves                       
            leaves that were flat leather cellos

So many things I saw looked so delicious
            but people I was with said best not
Some I saw should be on the national grid
            and some I couldn’t see at all
because there’s more to this botany
                                          than meets the eye.

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