IsamBards perform at the Festival of Nature

They rushed the stage, both of them. One, in time-honoured fashion got right up close to the portable amp while the other stood at the mic stand and eyed me quizzically. I was reading a poem about a wasp – and in fact someone from the Woodland Trust, a grown up but as enthusiastic as a three year old, also rushed the stage, with a big picture of a wasp. We agreed a poem about a bee would be good, then my younger fan base wandered off to do drawing near by.

The older fans stayed in their seats though, while Pameli Benham, Deborah Harvey, and I read poems on the theme of nature (well, also someone falling through a greenhouse roof, and a corpse). We were in Green Park, Bath, and it was a lovely afternoon, so thanks Sarah Billing and Mike Cardwell of the Bath and Bristol Festival of Nature for hooking up and putting us on. The sun shone and white fluff, I think from the big plane trees, blew through the air like light warm snow.  The pics show Deborah Harvey performing above, and Pameli Benham below and in the main picture.

And next Saturday we’re doing a similar but bigger thing in Bristol, this time with David Johnson too. We’ll be in Millenium Square on a stage by We the Curious (which used to be called @Bristol, and before that the Exploratory, but now is … curious). You’ll find us here at three o’clock. So come along, say hello, by all means rush the stage, do a drawing, of a wasp or a bee, perhaps. We won’t save the planet next Saturday but we will be doing something to help us all think about the delicate, intricate and marvellous web of life we are all part of.





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